- first, we pick the perfect piece of sparkle, or a pattern of a few

- total time is dependant on the above ~15minutes - 1 HR max

- you'll be suited up with a smile widener (just a small guard to give us better tooth access, looks a lot scarier than it feels) & some snazzy as heck UV protective shades

- using orthodontic adhesive product, I prep & place your gems - you'll peak at placement before we set them with UV light


- if a dentist has ever told you, you have slightly softer, or soft enamel, gems will not adhere as strongly & may not last as long. this doesn't mean don't do it, let me know ahead and i'll make all extra effort to super stick, but do keep this in mind. 

- however, if the teeth you have didn't grow in your own mouth (veneers, dentures, etc.) your pearly whites will have to shine just fine as they are (good news, your fingers are always sparkle candidates!)



email for more info & booking!



single circle gem $55
single shapes (squares/diamond) $80
additional circle gems $20 each
additional shaped gems $25 each

special patterns

butterfly (4 gems, 2 teeth) $115
diamond (4 gems, 1 tooth) $105
flower (6 gems, 1 tooth) $135
bottom braces (2 gems/tooth, 4 teeth) $180
zipper (3 gems/tooth, 2 teeth)


full fill (one tooth - #... dependant on your tooth)

total tally - $20