the majority of my nail product is BioSeaWeed Gel - one of the healthiest gel products out there, big "bad" 5 free! And bonus (my fave bit!) they too, are a Toronto founded & based brand!

all mani’s are assumed gel unless indicated otherwise.

please always let me know ahead if we will need to do any removal.

you are welcome to send over your inspo + ideas before the appointment if you would like to discuss details &/or pricing (also, below)!


"Classic" (1 colour) - ~1.5HR $65

"+1" (single colour, simple design) ~2HR


 "+2" (lets. go. wildwildwild. multi colour, design) ~2.5HR+


 "Regular Polish Please"(non-gel, one colour, no design options available)



nail extras

hard gel (top your natural nail with x-strong, re-enforced gel) 

add $10
full set extensions (elongated with x-strong, re-enforced gel) (+1HR)
add $30
individual repairs // extensions (time according to project)
$4 / nail

add ons (gems, metalic flake, loose powders, decals, dried flowers etc.)

removal for re-up **my work only
removal only OR removal of other work



no need to look at my work, or even other nails at all...
(actually, i highly encourage not to...)

whats in your home & closet?
favourite dining wear, coziest sweater, gardens, skies, eyes of your love -
anything you bring, we can make something with.

of course, if you've seen nails you love here or elsewhere, that's ok!
but - i may suggest we work from it, not exactly duplicate it.

simple is also great.
single colours aren't boring, i've got a full collection to make sure of this & they all need their time to shine (or be made matte, if that's the vibe!)

if you have inspo, ideas or dreams ready ahead - please send them!

alternately - just show up! you’re all the inspo needed to create something YOU suited. (some ViBeS questions may be asked..)

+ I have monthly "Finger Flash": themed monthly design charged at a "Simple".
It's so I can play & practice, so other than the pre-noted monthly theme,
...it's all my rules.