dEsIgN iNsPo


no need to look at my work, or even other nails at all...
(actually, i highly encourage not to...)

whats in your home & closet?
favourite dining wear, coziest sweater, gardens, skies, eyes of your love -
anything you bring, we can make something with.

of course, if you've seen nails you love here or elsewhere, that's ok!
but - i may suggest we work from it, not exactly duplicate it.

simple is also great.
single colours aren't boring, i've got a full collection to make sure of this & they all need their time to shine (or be made matte, if that's the vibe!)

if you have inspo, ideas or dreams ready ahead - please send them!

alternately - just show up! you’re all the inspo needed to create something YOU suited. (some ViBeS questions may be asked..)

+ I have monthly "Finger Flash": themed monthly design charged at a "Simple".
It's so I can play & practice, so other than the pre-noted monthly theme,'s all my rules.